Falling Walls Connect is online!

Apr 28, 2020

The Falling Walls Foundation is proud to announce its digital platform, Falling Walls Connect.

In times of challenge and uncertainty, it is important to seek comfort and opportunity in the power of community. Over the years, Falling Walls has evolved to an ever-growing network of the most ambitious and forward-thinking minds from around the globe. We have always aspired to provide our community the best possible experience by means of our physical formats. To take it one step further, we also want to provide a digital space that allows interdisciplinary and borderless exchange. 

Falling Walls Connect brings together all former and current contributors, active participants, finalists, alumni and partners. It allows them to initiate an exchange, continue conversations that had to end at an airport or a train station, reflect innovative ideas and potentially create new cooperations.

As global challenges have local implications, it requires local activation to foster global change. Falling Walls Connect is the Falling Walls Foundation's effort, to connect the vast potential of its global community in order to tackle our most pressing problems. 

Join, connect, exchange and create. 

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